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Sæther Nordic Group is a distributor of more than 70 well-known, international beauty, cosmetics and fragrance brands in Scandinavia.

Sæther Nordic A/S - consists of the following subsidiaries:

  • E.  Sæther A/S in Denmark responsible for sales to retailers. The company is the largest in the Group and the original company from 1983. E. Sæther A/S is the market leader in the Danish market.

  • E.  Saether AB in Sweden is responsible for sales to retailers. The company has been part of the Group since 2001. E. Sæther AB is one of the leading companies in the Swedish market, and represents an important and dynamic portfolio.

  • E. Sæther AS in Norway is responsible for sales to retailers. The company has been part of the Group since 2017.

  • Sæther Oy in Finland. The company was formed in 2008 and is a further development of thesales activities group has had a number of years for the Finnish and Baltic Travel Retail markets. The Travel Retail market in Finland and the Baltics are also undertaken by the Finnish office with back-up from the Danish office.